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Dr. Jeff Pasley making adjustmentsSpinal and extremity adjusting

Dr. Pasley uses spinal and extremity adjusting to restore proper movement to restricted, dysfunctional joints. Varying amounts of pressure are carefully applied by hand to these joints in order to facilitate a biomechanical change or a change in movement. Sometimes a change in motion can be felt immediately by the patient who may note a decrease in pain or other symptoms post-adjustment. Children and adults require different amounts of force as do patients with osteoporosis or other relevant diagnoses. Dr. Pasley’s exam procedures will help determine the safest, most effective method of adjusting for you.

By affecting the health of the individual spinal joints and the overall function of the spine, this procedure can improve the function of the nerve tissue that must pass through the spine to innervate other body tissues like your legs, arms, back muscles, etc. Aching, tingling, pain, burning or numbness along the spine or in your legs, arms or other areas is an indicator that this procedure may be of help to you.

If you have a question about spinal and extremity adjusting, please contact us at (334) 285-8483


Dr. Pasley is an avid runner in the river region. He states, “Exercise isn’t just a good idea or an option for some people. It is a requirement of the human body and a basic, fundamental building block of good health. If you do not exercise, your longevity of life and quality of life will be adversely affected.”

Millbrook Family Chiropractic offers exercise plans that are suited to individual conditions that patients enter the clinic with as well as general wellness exercise plans to incorporate as part of a proper lifestyle.
It is imperative to strengthen muscle groups that support the spine and extremities, not just after injury but also as part of a wellness lifestyle.


Muscular strength without good flexibility is only part of what is required for good musculoskeletal health and joint maintenance. Besides, being loose and limber just feels a lot better.

Millbrook Family Chiropractic offers flexibility training that will enable you to achieve normal range of motion in some joints that have been affected by arthritis or other conditions
Reclaiming joint range of motion can help delay and/or slow the effects of osteoarthritis or “wear-and-tear” arthritis.


Dr. Pasley advocates a “whole food” approach to nutrition. Whole foods are foods that are natural to the earth and familiar to your DNA as a human being. We advocate that the foods you eat are minimally processed and that you receive your daily nutritional requirements through what you eat. If there is a deficiency, we do sometimes ask patients to supplement some items, but we prefer you obtain your nutrients through the diet.

Conversely, if there is an issue of toxicity, (i.e. an excess of some food item that is harmful) we will help guide you away from that food with alternatives that are easy and sometimes even fun. There are many rewards to having a proper diet. Eating the right foods and eating the right quantity of food helps people generally feel better in addition to achieving their proper weight. These habits also safeguard the body against infection, cancer and other ailments.

Millbrook Family Chiropractic offers FREE nutrition counseling to every patient. *Patient must be current and must have been examined within the last 6 months. At this point, nutrition counseling is offered as a one-on-one class with the doctor.

Positive Mental Attitude/Spirit

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the events of everyday life. Dr. Pasley encourages patients to “make time for themselves” with activities like attending a church fellowship, joining a social group, or just spending daily time outside in nature. These types of activities help to adjust our mental and spiritual state to one that is conducive with full-body health. You can only ignore your own needs for so long until your body will send you a bill, likely in the form of an ailment or disease.

Case management

Chiropractic care is not a cure-all for every condition under the sun, and if you need a referral, Dr. Pasley can take care of that faster and more efficiently than most hospital settings or large medical clinics. We align ourselves with other doctors who we feel offer the best treatment in the event that you do not progress under our care as desired. If you prefer a specific doctor, we can usually accommodate that request as well. The bottom line is that we would like to handle your case start to finish and see a good resolution to your problem.

We handle personal injury cases routinely.  These cases may involve severe, traumatic injuries that require imaging and other tests for ruling out problems that complicate care or could be life threatening.  We pride ourselves on handling these types of cases start to finish making things as easy and fast as possible for our patients.

Functional Movement Screening


The Functional Movement Screen is a physical performance test that can be assessed independently from a chiropractic exam and may be covered by insurance. This system was created to improve the overall scope of performance, fitness, rehabilitation, and management of injury risk in active individuals. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, the FMS and customized exercises will put you on the right path to achieve optimal performance.